I am mindful that our Winter Events need to be a little more challenging each year, to coax our many wonderful and loyal customers from hibernation. Thank you for your business.

Once again we have partnered with our old friends at Matthew Clark again this year from whom (as with Trevor Hughes) we have been buying wine since we started at the Buttery in Glasgow in 2002.  It would appear there is some demand for another Epicurean Dinner, therefore I will be hosting another at the end of the series.

Trevor Hughes will be returning, along with me to host our annual American evening.

It’s going to be another action packed Winter ….. can’t wait!                                                                                    

Friday 6th April  Wines of Argentina/Chile
These two countries have a wine industry that stretches back nearly 500 years. Grape cuttings were first brought to Chile, then Argentina by Spanish missionaries in order to produce wine for the celebration of Mass. The favorable climate, abundance of water from the melting glaciers of the Andes, and high altitude allowed the Patagonian wine industry to flourish over the centuries. The arrival of European immigrants during the 19th century brought new grape varieties and winemaking techniques. Chile has been exporting wines to Europe since the 1880s, while Argentina primarily focused on producing for the domestic market until quite recently. Iain MacPherson from Matthew Clark will be sinking his teeth into this evening.
Appetizer, three courses and all wines. £

He has participated in masterclasses with Frank Vignola, Matt Palmer, Troy King, and Colin Davin.

He has participated in masterclasses with Frank Vignola, Matt Palmer, Troy King, and Colin Davin.

Friday 20th & Saturday 21st April 2018 A Classical Musical Weekend with Alex Barnett

We are delighted to welcome Alex to The Lake of Menteith and Scotland, as part of his first UK tour.

Alexander Barnett is an accomplished Classical Guitarist of note from Baltimore USA. He performs a huge repertoire consisting of music from the Romantic, Classical, and Renaissance eras. Along with Brazilian Choro music, Jazz, and Improvisation.
He performs regularly at great Restaurants and Clubs including The Maryland Club, L'Auberge Chez Francois, The Inn at Perry Cabin, Bella Napoli, The Robert Morris Inn and The Washington Inn. Notable performances include Artscape 2014, The Womens Club of Roland Park, and the Society of the Cincinnati.

Alex will play on Friday and Saturday evenings from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm

There is no additional charge to join Alex, but we do have a two-night minimum.

Find his music here  .  .  .  .

Friday 27th April An Epicurean Journey
“Epicurean definition  .  .  .  having luxurious tastes or habits, especially in eating and drinking” 
Food and Wine Pairing Dinner with our owner, Ian Fleming as he joins us from the USA. Tonight he shares his personal favourites from around the world, paired to dishes from our Master Chef, inspired by his travels and experiences. Expect old world wines and classic dishes, quality over volume with a twist.
Appetizer, three courses and all wines. ££

Accommodation, cream tea, appetiser, three-course dinner, breakfast, all wines and VAT for two persons.

£                                                                                    ££
Classic Room                      £240                                  Classic Room                     £260

Heritage                             £260                                    Heritage Room                  £280

Lake View                           £305                                   Lake View                         £325     

Lake Superior                     £355                                   Lake Superior                   £375

Non-resident spaces are very limited at Non-resident spaces are very limited at 
£                                                                                     ££
£75 per person for the dinner and all wines.                  £85 per person for the dinner and all wines.

Book a Friday Event and you can have the Thursday evening at half the bed and breakfast rate!